Amanda Intl Group provides a buying office service of design, development, sourcong, consolidition, inspection, logistics service to help importers, retailers and multinational brands in China.


Amanda Intl Group offers buying design services in China that include graphic design, Logo and Packaging design as well as layout design for catalogues, literature or websites.


Amanda Intl group offers buying development services in China that include Industrial Design, Electronic/Electrical Product Development and Technical Design Evaluation.


We offer product sourcing throughout China at affordable prices and guarantee quality by professional quality inspections in China. As a reliable Chinese sourcing agent, we have helped many clients to find high quality products. From 10 years export experience, we have established close relationship with more than 10,000 suppliers. When you work with us, we can make your sourcing in China easy.

Main sourcing strategy:

Yiwu Fair

Yiwu Market

Shanghai Fair

Guangzhou Fair

Hongkong Fair

Bohai Econnomic Rim

Pearl River Delta Zone

Yangtze River Delta Zone


 Do you have regular relationship with some suppliers? Do you do mixed container? Do you have products in different cities in China? No need to worry. Amanda Intl Group offers warehousing for all of our customers. We will consolidate no matter where are your products.


Quality control is not a one time event. It’s an ongoing process which starts the moment you choose a supplier. Quality control is not there to fix problems, but to alert you to potential problems. The earlier you find  the  problems  the quicker you can take corrective action.

We do inspection for our customer to make their buying safer. We will do initial production check, during production check, pre-shipment inspection and container loading check.

For initial production check, we will double check and assess the supplier or factory if they are good enough for our customers. After confirmation, we will issue contract with them. During production check, we will arrange quality control member to check the process and control the delivery time. Pre-shipment inspection is of vital importance, we will open 30% cartons of every orderto check the finished products. We will take pictures and fianlise in quality control report for our customers. We will refuse those unqualified instanly. Also we will notice the package, if they are not good for the according products, we will change under our customers requirements. For container loading check, it’s the last control of products, we will do to avoid missing cartons and estimate the risk of the container.


After 10 years experience in export, we have exported more than 100,000 containers. We manage to choose the best shipping company for our customers. You no longer need to worry about customs clearance, tax, insurance, duty, import permits and quarantine. No more paperwork, no need to arrange your own marine cargo insurance. We can export FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than container load) to most major ports in the world using China Shipping or other major shipping lines. We arrange the entire process from exporting your goods from China. Even inland transportation, it’s within our capacity.

Choose Amanda Intl Group

Whether you wish to manage your orders yourself directly with your factory or delegate to us the whole buying process, Amanda Intl Group provides one-stop solutions allowing you to buy safer in China.

Choose Amanda Intl Group. Start life long business relationship. Buy safer from China.

Work with Amanda Intl Group, we shall delegate your purchaing to save your time and cost and grow your business.

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